Hello everyone, we are Jovana and Jelena and we’re part of the ISWiB international communication team!

Our ISWiB story began in 2018. When Jovana was a participant and Jelena was a volunteer and rest is history. We fell in love with the atmosphere and people at the festival and had the most amazing 7 days where we had a chance to get to know people from all around the world and learn many things about them and their culture.

We decided that we want to contribute even more to the festival, so we applied to be part of the organizing team and well, here we are! We’re the one’s that have a chance to meet you first on the interviews, and we’ll take this opportunity to encourage you to apply to be part of our festival. Here’s some informations about ISWiB.

Jelena and participants
only Jelena 🙂
Jovana and moderators
only Jovana 🙂


International Student Week in Belgrade (ISWiB) is a youth festival that has traditionally been held every year since 2006, in the capital of Serbia, Belgrade. The festival is open for everyone between the ages of 18 and 30 from all over the world. Each year, ISWiB brings together over 200 young people, including participants, moderators and volunteers. The main idea of the festival is to bring young people from different cultural and social backgrounds closer through socializing, but also several various thematic workshops. Through these workshops, close communication and cooperation, interactive lectures and various open activities, young people will be able to gain new skills and knowledge and exchange ideas. They will also have the opportunity to establish professional contacts with professors and experts from different sectors, as well as to develop and create their own new projects. The festival is part of the SOrCE network and is traditionally organized under the auspices of the World Youth Wave Association.

ISWiB consists of various interesting activities that make the festival so special!

The opening ceremony is the first event that represents the official opening of the International Student Week in Belgrade. It is traditionally held in the City Assembly of Belgrade. During the opening ceremony, we give the official welcome message to all of our participants.

opening ceremony, city assembly of belgrade

The Country Fair is an event where all of our participants, that are coming from all around the world, have an opportunity to represent their country and its traditional culture. They have a chance to taste the most delicious food and drinks from each corner of the world, enjoy the national music, costumes and dances and get to know more about the tradition of the different countries.

the country fair

Art Night is an event that is devoted to art in all of its forms. This Night is reserved for relaxation but in very special circumstances while spending the most quality time surrounded by great art and talented artists. During this event, participants and all of the visitors will have an opportunity to see the exhibition of the works created by young artists, learn some new dancing steps and enjoy the music of new inspiring performers, making the magnificent atmosphere. This event is humanitarian, and all of the collected resources during this night are donated to the different charity organizations each year.

art night

The Flag Parade is a very special event that sends a very significant message about the importance of international cooperation between young people and promotes the values of multiculturalism and tolerance. Throughout the Belgrade city center, the flags of participants’ countries will fly high. The Flag Parade is the most colorful event at the International Student Week in Belgrade.

the flag prade
the flag prade

The Closing Ceremony is probably the most emotional event during the whole eight days of ISWiB experience. It represents the official end of an International Student Week in Belgrade journey. At this event, our participants will show what they learned during their workshops.

closing ceremony


A participant can be any interested party aged between 18 and 30 and it is not mandatory to be a student at the time of the festival. Applications for ISWiB 2021 will be opened in the mid March 2021. Application is consisted of 2 steps. First step is to complete application form and successful candidates will be invited to Skype interview. Finally, candidates who successfully complete the interview will be selected to participate at the festival. The participation fee for foreign students includes accommodation (in a student dormitory), food (3 meals per day), all workshop expenses, residential fee and a T-shirt. The participation fee is around 150e.

Jovana & Jelena

ISWiB International Communication Team

For all information and updates follow ISWiB on social media!

Instagram: @iswib_

Facebook: ISWiB

Website: http://www.iswib.org

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